Maidstone Postcard Club

As previously mentioned on this website, the club holds two competitions for members during the year. The first is the annual competition which is held at every monthly meeting, where a single postcard is judged by those present, and the member with most votes cast at the end of the year wins a small prize.


Winners of the Annual Competition:


1993   Kath Knowles                    1994   Ron Kemp                       1995   Robin Walton                   1996   Eric Philp

1997   Michelle Bright                  1998   David Chambers           1999   Derek Knowles                 2000 Kath Knowles

2001  Myrtle Newsom              2002   John Crunden                2003  Irene Hales                       2004   Julie Lester

2005  Irene Hales                      2006  Sylvia Hursey                 2007  Janice Brunning               2008  Ken Thom

2009  Julie Lester                       2010   Irene Hales                     2011    Keith Hursey                    2012    Keith Hursey

2013   Ron Kemp                        2014   Ron Kemp                       2015    Irene Hales                       2016   Ron Kemp

2017   Nigel Viner                        2018  Heather Rooke               2019   Heather Rooke                 2020  No comp (C19)




The Bernard Mundel Competition is held at the Evening Fair in May each year, and members are invited to provide a board of postcards containing a maximum of 18 cards on the subject of their choice. The member with most votes cast during the evening is awarded the trophy kindly donated by Bernard.


Winners of the Bernard Mundel Competition:


1978       Irene Hales                         "The Hop Story of Kent"

1979       Karen Arthurs                     "The Story of Beatrix Potter"

1980      Irene Hales                         "The History of the Postcard"

1981       Chris Easton                        "Hare Coursing"

1982 - 3 Not awarded

1984       Jean Turner

1985       Arthur Monk                       "Bobby on the Beat"

1986       Jean Turner                         "Hurdy Gurdies and Barrel Organs"

1987       Dave Betts                          "A Yard of Pride"

1988       Jean Turner                         "Dr Barnardo's Homes"

1989       Bernard Mundel                "War in the Air and Naval Air Service"

1990      Bernard Mundel                "The Handcross Disaster"

1991       Tony Davis                         "Maidstone Shops"

1992       Kath Knowles

1993       Tony Davis                         "Week Street"

1994       Tony Davis                         "Naval Life"

1995       Graham Fullalove             "Le Mans"

1996       Lesley Fullalove                "Our Two Villages"

1997       Alan Collins                        "Yalding"

1998       Janice Brunning                 "Lenham"

1999       Janice Brunning                 "Typewriters on PC's"

2000    Janice Brunning                 "Hands"

2001      Kath Knowles                    "London Markets"

2002     Nigel Viner                         "Greetings from Maidstone"    

2003     Nigel Viner                         "Teachers"

2004     Nigel Viner                         "RIP"

2005     Nigel Viner                         "A Postcard 123"

2006     Mike Thompson               "Village of Rolvenden"

2007     Janice Brunning                "The Three Suttons"

2008     Tony Davis                        "Week Street, Maidstone"

2009     Janice Brunning                "Old Lenham"

2010      John Dann                         "Sandling / Bluebell Hill

2011       Tony Davis

2012      Nigel Viner                         "There's no place like Home"

2013      Heather Rooke    

2014      Tony Davis                         "Maidstone Ophthalmic Hospital"  

2015      Janice Brunning                 "We Will Remeber Them"

2016      Rosemary Dellar               "Tower Bridge"

2017      Eric Baldock                        "East Kent Buses"

2018     Heather Rooke                   "The War to End All Wars"

2019     Nigel Viner                           "Maidstone Streets"

2020   No competition (Covid 19)